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Please consider donating to Hands of Justice. We offer scholarship program, needs bags that help supply survivors with necessities, outreach events, and more. Currently, we are looking for monthly sponsors for our Needs Bags. We are providing roughly 65 bags a month at $20 per bag. Hands of Justice is immensely grateful for the help and support from our community, donors, and volunteers. Thank you!

Apply to be a Sponsor

Have you ever been to a training on Human Trafficking?

Are you okay with exchanging cards, letters, and pictures with a survivor?

7 + 2 =

Disclaimer: ALL funds and correspondence will be given to and dispensed by Hands of Justice to ensure that funds are going toward needed educational/personal goals applied for by applicants. The safety of the Survivors we work with is our upmost concern. We ask that although letters and cards are being exchanged that you do not contact the Survivor you are sponsoring on your own.

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